Welcome to the Rat Race.

Welcome to the Rat Race.

Congratulations! Now that we got a rather decent, not to say almost perfect job, this is the beginning of an end: welcome to the rat race.

As mentioned in a previous article, there is an abundance of money in circulation, it is therefore possible to lose money and regain it (and more later). Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about time. Indeed, we’ve all got a limited amount of time to be spent on Earth through our physical body.

Exchanging time for money is therefore an extremely high price to pay. That is “fine”, since the simple fact of landing a job (or not) can still be a life and death situation for many of us. The problem resides when one is unaware of the trade that is taking place and is looking for a job or involved in one without an appropriate plan, let’s call it an exit strategy.

This article is simply a reminder of the fact that the game is rigged by nature. But it remains a game to enjoy with a plan in mind even though, we all know that same plan probably won’t exactly go as “planned”, we simply need to remain intentional.

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